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Most Instagrammable Places in Bath

Most Instagrammable Places in Bath

Some might say i’m quite into instagram… and they’d be correct!

As a travel photographer I find it’s the best platform to get my work out there and it provides a real creative outlet for me.

I’ve lived in Bath for some time, meaning I’ve gotten pretty familiar with all the most instagrammable places. This is helped by also running the local IGers Bath account with a couple of other Bath based photographers!

Whether you’re popping to Bath for a visit, or you live here and want to discover some new spots, here are my favourite photography locations in Bath.

The Weir and Pulteney Bridge

An absolute classic location is the weir, positioned in front of the dramatic Pulteney Bridge.

For the best views, head down the stairs on Pulteney Bridge that brings you right down by the water itself. If you walk up this path a little you’ll be able to frame the photo exactly how I have below!

Don’t forget the other side!

A less classic location is the other side of Pulteney Bridge. This spot is a bit of a marmite location in my opinion (you either love it or you hate it!).

This side shows a true sense of character as you see how the bridge became thrown together over historical periods. This was so the various cafes/shops could expand while still maintaining that quintessential image from the front. To get here, you want to head behind the podium car park to reach the canal path. I’ve popped a map at the bottom of this post to make it a bit clearer.

Don’t forget inside

I promise we’ll move away from Pulteney Bridge soon!

Another top spot for me is the views you can get from the cafes and shops dotted along the bridge.

The view below was taken from the window of the very well named Bridge Coffee Shop. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the few tables by the window, there’s wonderful new angle over the weir and surrounding buildings.

The little house by Victoria Park

This charming chocolate box house is one of my favourite spots to photograph in Bath through the seasons. It’s slightly different from that classic Bath architecture we all know and love, I think that makes it extra special.

This is the keepers cottage, I believe it’s used by the person who tends to the grounds of the park. I could be wrong though so feel absolutely free to fact check me on this!

The Royal Crescent

It wouldn’t be Bath without a photo of the Royal Crescent now would it?

Famed for its curvy architecture, the crescent is known globally as a backdrop in the filming of things like Bridgerton and The Duchess. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that this is one of the most instagrammable places in Bath!

The Circus

Close by to the crescent you’ll find the Circus. No clowns and flying acrobats here, this ring of historic town houses was built in the 1700s by John Wood. A classic example Georgian architecture, I love coming here during golden hour to capture the colours bouncing off the houses.

Alexandra Park

This has to be my favourite viewpoint over the city!

To get here, you want to head up the hill behind the station and follow the signs up to Alexandra Park. There’s really no view quite like it in my opinion.

Bath Abbey

Another classic spot is around the Abbey. My favourite angle is the Abbey Churchyard, or in simpler terms, the part right in front of the Abbey’s front doors.

I love to capture this spot with a few people in it. To me, it really adds to the character of the place. Below is a recent rainy day shot from that very spot.

Bath Abbey Tower

Similar to the above but oh so different is the tower of the Bath Abbey. Another of my favourite view points over Bath, here you get a birds eye view of the surrounding city. You can even see across to the rooftop pool of the Thermae Bath Spa!

These views come part of the tower tour run by the Abbey. Views aside, I’d really recommend doing this tour if you’re in Bath, as you get a unique insight into the history of the area. Tickets cost £8 (2-4-1 if you’re a resident!) and they run the tour Monday through Saturday.

Sally Lunns

Sally Lunn’s Buns are a staple if you’re looking to try a classic Bath food, but that’s not why we’re here!

Near to the restaurant is one of, if not the, most charming streets in Bath. Pictured here was around winter time so it had the added benefit of the Christmas lights to really max out on the cosy vibes.


There are so many more instagrammable places in Bath to chose from, the city is a photographers paradise! Check out the map below if you’re keen to plan out a route through the city.

As always thank you for reading, see you next time!

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